In 2016, the Nebraska Legislature adopted Neb. Rev. Stat. §83-4,134.01 containing requirements for both juvenile facilities and the Office of Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare (OIG) related to reporting on juvenile room confinement – the involuntary restriction of a child to a room or other area alone.

OIG Annual Room Confinement Reports

By law, the OIG is required to provide an annual report to the Legislature assessing the use of juvenile room confinement at different juvenile facilities in Nebraska.

The report must contain an analysis of facilities’ room confinement reports, identify changes in policy and practice that can reduce room confinement, and provide information on evidence-based criteria for placing children in room confinement.

2021- 2022 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

2020-2021 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

2019-2020 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

2018-2019 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

2017-2018 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

2016-2017 Juvenile Room Confinement Report

See Appendix D: Quarterly Facility Reports

Juvenile Facility Quarterly Room Confinement Reports

Since July 2016, Nebraska law has required juvenile facilities to document and publicly report incidents of juvenile room confinement that last longer than one hour every quarter. Facilities public reports, due on July 15, October 15, January 15, and April 15, can be found on the Legislature’s website, by searching for “Juvenile Facilities” under Agency.

The OIG has developed guidelines and templates intended to help facilities meet their statutory requirements under the law and ensure that the OIG’s annual report on room confinement is accurate and fair. You may obtain copies of these documents by request.